Vegans Dominate Bodybuilding Competition

Very scary news coming out of Austin, TX. In the Naturally Fit Supershow Bodybuilding competition (drug-tested, steroid-tested, polygraph-tested) a group of 15 vegans competed under the Plantbuilt name (facebook page) against hundreds of bodybuilders with traditional omnivorous, heavy meat, dairy, and egg based diets.

The results:

The vegans won 5 out of 7 divisions that they were in. Lots of 2nd and 3rd place finishes. They also had a top 4 finisher of a class of 20+ and finished #2 and #3 of a class of 24.

I am just flabbergasted!! What is going on in the world?? As anybody with half a brain can (and often will) tell you how much vegans are protein deficient. Seriously, anybody with half a brain will tell you that.

So, how does something like this happen? How does a group do this when you have an expert group of nutritionists (the general public) asking where vegans get their protein at levels that make you wonder if they have a quota to fill.

Here’s my theory. HEAR ME OUT, ok……..just….hear me out. Being the protein starved creatures that they are, I bet they slaughtered and ate one of the judges, so they would have enough protein to have the strength to walk on the stage. They did this in front of the other judges and threatened them with the same destiny, if they didn’t give them high scores.

If you think my theory is stupid, then FINE!!! Let’s see you come up with a better one. I won’t be sleeping tonight until I hear that all of the judges have been accounted for.

On second thought, maybe all of these bumps and lines on their bodies is just a side effect from the lack of protein. I’m going to post of some of their pictures, so you can see what a protein deficiency can do to the human body. Word of warning. These pictures are graphic.

Are you sure that's vegan?

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